New Year New Project

The festivities are over and as we pack away the decorations and life returns to normal it is a good time to look around and assess what needs to be done in the coming year. 

a great choice for homes where space may come at a premium

For many top of the list will be the kitchen, 89% of all homeowners are unhappy with their kitchen and for the majority of us size is a big issue but even though it might not be possible to increase the size of your kitchen, with a better layout and use of the clever storage options now available, we can help make it feel like you have

Or if you are happy with the layout and design of your kitchen, maybe all that is required to breath new life into the room is a 

and a new


Lack of storage is another big bugbear in most homes yet a lot of homes have an abundance of underused space. Take the area under the stairs for example, with well designed                                       units and drawers it can become the perfect space for coats, shoes and school bags.

Extra storage can also be built in the living room.

                     offer a practical solution for cable management, with extra storage designed to suit your needs

                        the room where dreams are made.........

When it comes to the bedroom, it is about

creating a sanctuary  and as well as the amazing space-saving benefits of

fitted wardrobes, having built-in shelves, drawers and hanging space, all designed to suit your needs, means everything has a place which reduces clutter and helps create a calm and peaceful environment.


Sliding door options are another great way to free up more space in the bedroom

                 have become big news in recent years, it is no longer enough that they are practical, they also need to be beautiful and a luxurious hotel inspired bathroom looks to be  one of this year's biggest trends in home renovation. We all lead such busy lives what could be better than to come home and have a relaxing bath in a calm and tranquil bathroom.


Making plans to do up your home can be very exciting but remember, It is important to take the time to think about what you want from your home and the look and feel you are hoping to achieve. Why not pop in and see us and discuss your plans and ideas with our team

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