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Although I suspect he was not considering the kitchen when he said it, the famous William Morris quote, “Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful or believe to be beautiful, applies as much to kitchens as any other room in your house, in fact possibly even more

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The Joy Of A Well Organised Kitchen

When designing your kitchen there are certain industry standards that all good designers will incorporate into their design. Such as the renowned cook's triangle but what about the things that are unique to you? The kitchen is a working space in your home but it should also encompass your personality, highlight your taste and style, and be the real hub of the home for you and your family. We like to personalise all our designs to ensure it will cater to you and your family's unique needs.



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Having a new kitchen is the perfect time not only to think about how you use your kitchen but also to think about the things that you are storing that are no longer required.


Decluttering is the first step to organising a kitchen.

Of course, there are the obvious candidates such as out of date tins of food, multiple half used bottles of condiments but what about those other larger items like the breadmaker, if you use it every day and it’s changed your life then, of course, keep it but if like mine it's chucked in the back of the cupboard gathering dust because you have never quite manage to find time to use it then it needs to go. 


Not forgetting, of course, the numerous mugs that have been accumulated over the years. The souvenir mugs or the novelty mugs that are overlooked in favor of your favorite ones, maybe now is the time to assess what you have and think about what you actually use? 

Duplicate spices, how often have you stood in the supermarket aisle trying to remember if you have a certain spice and ended up buying it just in case, only to get home and find that you had three hiding at the back of the cupboard!

Bringing all your spices to the front of the cupboard and doing a regular audit will help, cutting down on waste as well as clutter or what about incorporating a dedicated spice rack system into your new kitchen

Kitchens Jersey


Kitchens Jersey


How many wooden spoons, ladles and strainers does one kitchen need? Probably one, maybe two of each item at most. What you don’t need is a drawer bulging with a jumble of utensils Clear out your extras and just keep a small, edited collection.


Or what about that ingenious gadget that came with such promise that never quite worked the way you expected it too or is so difficult to clean your put off using it, maybe its time to admit that you are probably never going to use it.



You might also want to consider our special drawer internals that can be changed, to fit your changing needs 

A built-in pantry is a perfect storage solution, keeping all items for a certain task together, such as baking as well as in some cases an extra workspace, with the added bonus of having it all conveniently hidden from sight, when not required

and then there are the less obvious culprits, the things that have been there for so long that we don't see them anymore. Like the Tupperware containers at the back of the cupboard without matching lids or the collection of cookery books, that don't get looked at from one year to the next, maybe they could be thinned out, keeping only the ones you use or are special to you and donating or throwing out the rest.

Kitchens Jersey

An image of a built-in pantry available from our kitchen studio in Jersey. Pop into our kitchen showroom and view our beautiful displays


So now that you have edited all the items you have in your kitchen it is important that you store the items you have chosen to keep in the most efficient way possible.


Have a place for everything! Go through your kitchenalia and decide what you use on a regular basis and which items are for occasional use then store them accordingly. Use high shelves for hardly used items but keep everyday things at waist height.


Use bespoke dividers, drawers, racks, and baskets where possible to maximise storage.


Zone the kitchen into prep, cooking, storage, refrigeration areas where possible and think of how the flow will work. Cutlery and crockery storage near the dishwasher, for example.

Remember great design is not just about how a kitchen looks, more importantly, is how it works and a well organised kitchen is not just about having tidy cupboards it is about having a kitchen designed around how you and your family spend your time in your kitchen. 

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