Why Choose a Quooker Boiling Tap

Recent months have seen many of us spending more time working from home than ever before. With the possibility that for many of us this is going to stay the "New norm" at least for part of the week.

This in turn will impact how we live (and work) in our homes and the minor niggle of a noisy washing machine, dishwasher or kettle suddenly becomes a major irritation. But, unlike the other appliances, the kettle is switched on numerous times a day constantly interrupting your train of thought or that important Zoom meeting or phone call

The Benefits Of A Quooker Tap
Instant Boiling Water

Of course, the first thing everyone thinks of when they think of a Quooker is instant boiling hot water but have you considered how many times a day you use boiling water?  Not just for hot drinks but for other everyday tasks.


From adding boiling water to fresh

 vegetables to speed up the cooking process, boiling an egg or making Couscous to making up baby formula and sterilising bottles.


These are all tasks made so much easier by not having to wait around for the kettle to boil

Quooker tap from Somerville kitchen show
Is It Safe?

With hundreds of people suffering burns from boiling water every year, it is understandable to question whether a Quooker tap is safe

Boiling water is a particular hazard for small children, who can pull a trailing kettle wire and scold themselves. A  Quooker tap is firmly fixed to the surface making it impossible to tip it over.

While the double-walled spout insulation protects your hands when  using the boiling water 

The double-push and turn required to activate the boiling water and illuminated light ring means you cannot switch on the boiling water by mistake and burn yourself

The boiling water from a Quooker while hot is not a solid stream of water, it is made of fine droplets unlike the solid volume of boiling water that would hit you when a kettle falls over, that could cause severe burns in an instant

Cost effective

Although the initial cost of buying a Quooker outweighs the cost of a Kettle, the Quooker will save you money over time.


Kettles are often overfilled, boiled and re-boiled over and over, wasting energy, and money.


With an Instant Boiling Water tap, you only ever use exactly the amount of water that you need for the task in hand, saving you money as well as time.


Making a Qooker tap better for your pocket and better for the environment

Quooker tap from Somerville kitchen show
Quooker tap from Somerville kitchen show
 Your Water Tastes Better

An added benefit of the Quooker tap is the active carbon filter in the reservoir, that purifies the water, leaving all

impurities behind in the filter. Any chlorine, bacteria, pesticides and other forms of contamination that can negatively impact the taste are removed from the water.

Added to that, the water is ‘boiled through’ because it is stored in the tank at a temperature of 110ºC.


You will taste the difference straight away.

Not just hot

As well as boiling water the Quooker also comes with the option of chilled and sparkling filtered water.


It really is the tap that does it all

With all these benefits it is easy to see why the Quooker boiling water tap has become one of the most sort after kitchen accessory in recent years

Quooker tap from Somerville kitchen show
Quooker tap from Somerville kitchen show
A Design Statement

Having a Quooker tap not only frees up space on your worktop giving a more clean-lined, clutter-free kitchen but thanks to the variety of finishes available they can also be part of your design statement. 

Especially when coupled with the Axix sink, which is made to be lined in the same material as your worktop and is also available with a range of different coloured bases