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Stoneham Blue, Aspen kitchen, available


Kitchen pantry displayed in Somerville Kitchen studio, Five Oaks Jersey.jpg

We all have different priorities when it comes to our kitchens, dependent on our lifestyle and interests


Top of my list would have to be the appliance garage. There are so many appliances that we just cannot live without, the toaster, the air fryer, the food mixer and even the coffee machine, we use them too often to want to keep taking them in and out of the cupboard on a daily basis but out on display they quickly make the kitchen looked cluttered.

Having a designated space for them that is also out of sight is in my view the perfect solution. 

 A close second and in a similar vein would have to be the Pantry, it is a clever and beautiful way to keep the kitchen clutter-free and with a range of intelligent internal storage solutions, it makes finding kitchen essentials a breeze. 



I especially love the hidden Pantry, when closed it is indistinguishable from the rest of the kitchen but opens out to reveal an assortment of easy access storage, worktop and drawers. It almost becomes a small room in itself.

Stoneham bespoke Larder.jpg
What to have in your dream kitchen blog,

Pullout storage is also a priority for me. Can you ever have enough storage? they are a really convenient way of storing and retrieving items in deep cabinets.


Available in a variety of sizes from pull out spice drawers for beside the cooker to a full larder pullout.

Moving away from the practical and onto the aesthetic side

White Marble quartz worktops from Caesarstone are beautiful as well as practical. Offering the beauty of Marble with the practicality of quartz and the New Black marble designs are perfect for those wanting to make a striking design statement


Quooker tap from Somerville kitchen show

As well as boiling water the Quooker also comes with the option of chilled and sparkling filtered water.


It really is the tap that does it all

With all these benefits it is easy to see why the Quooker boiling water tap has become one of the most sort after kitchen accessory in recent years

 Sink design is another area that is often not given enough attention at the kitchen planning stage.

Axix sink, with gold base and Gold Quook

From colour match bowls to the new Axix sinks with the option of Gold, Copper, Gunmetal grey or Stainless steel base and quartz or Corian colour match sides bringing both a streamlined look and a touch of glamour.

Finally, on my dream kitchen wish list would have to be, the humble dishwasher, which you might say is pretty standard in most kitchens today but in my dream kitchen, I would have two!


I hate unloading the dishwasher but with two I can just unload the clean dishes as I need them and put them straight into the other one when dirty and as an added bonus on those occasions when I have a big family gathering I can use both dishwashers at the same time.


I think this is a genius idea and well worth giving up a cupboard for although, not everyone agrees with me. Then again this is my dream. 

What would your dream kitchen look like?


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