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Green kitchen blog image by Somerville k

Are You Going Green

This Year?

A Green Kitchen can make a dramatic statement while at the same time being warm and welcoming 

It is no surprise that 2020 has changed the way we live in our homes on a practical level, with the need for a home office or a space for children to home school. But it has also changed what we want from our home.


Pre 2020 we were looking for a calm, clean almost clinical look, with lots of empty space and clean lines as an escape from our busy lives and Grey and White fitted that bill perfectly but having been forced to spend more time at home, our needs have changed

study image dark.JPG
Stoneham Kitchen from Somerville Kitchen

We have seen a desire for a more homely, and traditional look and as such we have begun to explore ideas that embrace colour in a way that we never considered before.


We crave comfort, newness, and schemes embracing nature that promote positivity, especially in the heart of the home.

We all love it when we buy a new kitchen and our friends and family all love it and are ever so slightly jealous but Kitchen design is more than that, it is personal. We all use our kitchen in different ways, which is why at Somerville kitchen studio in Jersey we take time to listen to your requirements and get to know you as a  person and how you and your family like to spend your time at home. Which enables us to design the perfect kitchen for you and your family

Before even thinking of looking at kitchen designs or ideas first think about how you use your existing kitchen, what you love about it, and what just doesn't work. It is strange how even little annoyances and frustrations can spoil your enjoyment of your new space and this way your new Luxury Stoneham kitchen will be as much of a joy to use as it is to look at and you won't be dissapointed 

With colour coming back to the home the kitchen has been the room that has seen the most change.


Deep Green and Blue for more classic kitchens as well as more contemporary colours such as  Matt Black giving a more dramatic modern look

Modern kitchen with black furniture and

Every year we are asked the same question, what is the kitchen colour of the year and to a certain degree, it makes sense. After all, a new kitchen is a big investment and we don't want it to look dated as soon as it has been fitted but regardless of what is hot and what is not the important thing is do you love it. Just because something is currently on-trend does not mean it will work for you or your home. For example, a shaker or country kitchen style in a modern property just would not sit well. Similarly, the modern matt black kitchen may look stunning in a magazine but if you have a property with a small dark kitchen, it could make the room appear very small and cramped. You need not worry though as our kitchen designer Nick, will be with you every step of the way to ensure you end up with the kitchen of your dreams


Worktops have always been an integral part of kitchen design and tying your dark Green or blue kitchen with a lighter worktop is key to ensuring the room is not too overpowering.


This is why White worktops such as Staron Icicle or a light marble effect quartz such as Caesarstone Empira White are the perfect choice of worktop for a dark Green or Blue kitchen.


Design tip; Add metallic finishes such as gold handles, taps and sinks to add a touch of glamour to your kitchen. 

Quooker tap from Somerville kitchen show
Gold handles on dark blue kitchen by Som
Somerville Luxury Stoneham kitchens Jers

Every kitchen needs a wow factor, and the splashback is a great opportunity to do this.

Splashbacks are no longer just a practical element. A well-chosen splashback is a focal point in the kitchen.


For a modern and clean look consider using the same material on the worktop and the splashback with the added bonus of not having to clean grout lines between the tiles

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