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What is the kitchen work triangle and is it still relevant in today's homes?

The kitchen triangle is a design theory that originated in the 1940s. The idea was to create a natural and smooth flow of work between the kitchen’s three main work areas the sink, hob, and fridge.


However, the idea was based on the assumption that there was only one person in the kitchen cooking, but times have changed. So while the work triangle is still relevant for smaller kitchens, for larger or open-plan layouts that allow more family members to use the kitchen at the same time the kitchen design world is moving more towards work zones

In our blog we hope to explain the concept of the work triangle and discuss how kitchens have evolved and are now much more open plan. How they now need to be adaptable enough to cope with the varying needs of the whole family and quite often for several family members at the same time. Our kitchen showroom offers an insight into what we as your local kitchen company can offer you. Not only with a bespoke well-made product but with a stunning as well as a practical design. Customer service is our priority and we pride ourselves that the majority of our work comes from customer referrals. Which in an island like Jersey is very important. Pop in and see us, we are here to help

The main purpose of this blog is to highlight the importance of a good layout in the kitchen. One that will take into account how you and your family use the room and what you require from the space. We listen to our clients and

pride ourselves on practical as well

as beautiful designs. After all, there is no point in having a beautiful kitchen if it

just does not work for you and your family and causes daily irritation. We offer high-quality bespoke kitchen furniture. Pop into our kitchen showroom in Five Oaks

Jersey and see the quality for yourself.

Our kitchen designer Nick will be

happy to discuss your requirements and

we offer a free no commitment design



Different zones work especially well in bigger busier kitchens, where multiple people may be working together. The kitchen is divided into four basic areas for prep, cooking, storage, and cleanup.

You can add unique work stations, where each station is centered around one major appliance, surrounded by plenty of open counter space, and storage of the items required in that area.

For example, adding a small sink and a pullout bin to an island creates a work zone for prepping

Having a  separate coffee station can keep the morning traffic away from the main cooking area, keeping all the coffee mugs, and coffee needs in one area

Or use a built-in larder unit as an appliance station for your toaster, and breakfast cereal.

Today's kitchens are much more multi-purpose spaces, from working from home to dining or children doing their homework.

Creating a successful layout for your kitchen is all about understanding how to utilize every inch of your kitchen’s space. Maximizing functionality means finding solutions to potential problems before they arise. 

We love the built-in pantry as it has so many other uses. For example in our showroom in Five Oaks, Jersey we have made ours into a cocktail cabinet. The new must-have for today's kitchen and all hidden away behind space-saving pocket doors.Making your kitchen a truly multipurpose space

pantry image.jpg

 We are happy to work direct with clients or take instruction from architects, builders, and designers to make kitchens, bathrooms, bedroom and other furniture

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