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Open cupboard with clean dishes in kitch

Open shelving continues to be on trend in kitchens in 2020. A look that with fewer wall cupboards makes the kitchen feel more open, either as part of a fitted unit or on their own.

There are many different styles of shelving that can be designed to suit your kitchen, from Oak shelving for a country look or painted to match your kitchen, to metal

or more geometrically shaped shelving for a modern or industrial look. Shelving also works well fitted around a corner, making the most of a potentially wasted space.

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Kitchen by Somerville Limited, Jersey, O
White shelving unit with set of dishware

Open shelving is a great way to inject colour into the room.


To make the best use of the extra space open shelving gives, it is important to have a mix of practical as well as decorative pieces. Some things worth considering when deciding on what to display on your shelves are glass storage jars filled with dried pulses or pasta which are both practical and aesthetically pleasing or cookery books, decorative crockery, and plants. However, you would want to avoid having items such as cereal packets or jars of tomato sauce out on show. 


When arranging items on your shelves it is important to ensure that the objects vary in height for a larger visual impact. Whether you choose to display a large jug, or a sleek, contemporary vase, add something that draws your eye upward, with smaller items in the front.


Plants especially herbs are becoming more and more popular in the kitchen, why not decorate your shelves with a couple of your favourite herbs

Another great tip would be to include an extra high shelf for the items you don't use as often or for more decorative items such as a large serving platter or a decorative jug. 

Plain or decorative dishes also work well, place them where they are easy to reach and even better if your kitchen design allows, fit your dishwasher directly underneath for ease of unloading.


Kitchen by Somerville Limited, Jersey, O

Both beautiful and practical, the trend for  open shelving is here to stay


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