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Three Easy Steps

To Measure For New Kitchen Worktops

If your kitchen units are in good condition and the layout works for you then sometimes all that is needed to give your kitchen that extra Wow factor is New worktops

Step One

The first and most important step is to choose the work surface that works best for your needs, your kitchen design, and colour scheme.


Quartz, granite, Staron, Corian and wood, all have their unique qualities, so it is important to know the differences between the materials available 

Radianz Quartz kitchen worktop by Somerv

Step Two

Take a pencil and paper and drawer the worktops, marking the rough position of the sink, cooker, hob etc.

Measure the worktops and mark the sizes on the drawing, as shown.

Somerville kitchens, Jersey. Kitchen wor

Step Three

The next step is to list the information below

1) What type of worktop you are wanting ie, Staron, Caesarstone, Corian etc 

2) Are you wanting an upstand, Spashback behind the hob or a window cill

3) Are you wanting a sit-on sink, a Belfast sink or an under-mounted sink

4) Are you wanting drainer grooves 

5) Do you need extra cut outs for pop up sockets or extractors

Once you have the answers to these questions, simply email 

your drawing to and we will do the rest

How to care for your quartz worktop blog
Copper sink, Somerville kitchens Jersey.

Deciding to have a new or replacement worktop is not something you do every day and you may have questions about the process.

We hope this blog will help answer some of those questions

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