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New & Replacement Worktops

You have made the decision to have a new worktop



What is the first step?

The first and most important step is to choose the work surface that works best for your needs, your kitchen, design and colour scheme.


Quartz, granite, Staron, Corian, wood, all have their plus and minus points. Understanding the benefits and limitations of each material is an important step. We can discuss your needs and help you choose the right material for you and your home.



Choosing the colour of your work surface. We feel the kitchen worktop, is one of the most important elements of your kitchen.


Like the icing on the cake, it is the first thing people will notice when they come into your kitchen. We can help you in that process and we have lots of samples for you to choose from. 


Pricing Once the material and colour have been chosen, we can either quote from a supplied drawing or in the case of replacement worktops we will come to your home to take site measurements


Placing an order Once an order is placed we will book in your job and order in the materials. We would advise this is done at least 6 weeks before the tops are ready to be templated. This avoids any unnecessary delay, waiting for the material to arrive or a space to book the job in.



Sinks, hob etc. At this time we will also need details for your, sink, hob, zip tap etc. If you are not sure of the type of sink you would like, we can advise you and have a wide selection to choose from. 



What happens next? When all the base units are fitted in their final position and any work that will alter the worktop size, such as plastering walls etc has been completed. We will come to site and using our laser templator we will measure for your worktops. It is beneficial if you are on site at this time to discuss the details of the job, such as which side you would like the drainer grooves etc.

This information is then entered and edited on to either our stone CNC machine or our Solidsurface CNC machine, at our workshop in Five oaks.


Stone worktops (granite, quartz) The stone slabs ordered in for your job will be cut on our saw and then loaded onto our stone CNC machine, to be cut to shape and also any sink, hob cut outs, drainer grooves etc will also be cut out at this time. Your worktops will then be hand polished and finished by our stone fabricators


Solidsurface (Corian, Staron)

The Corian or Staron sheets will be cut to shape on our CNC machine, along with any sink cutouts, drainer grooves etc. The substructure and down stand (edge detail)  will then be glued into place and if an under-mounted sink is required this will also be fitted into the worktop at this time by our trained fabricators. Finally, the whole thing is sanded and polished by hand



How long From template to fit ?. It can take up to 15 working days,(Not including the template day) from the time we come to template to when we come back to fit, However, we aim to have your worktops fitted within that time and ensuring your job is booked in early helps us with that.



What is the fitting process?

Usually, your worktops will be fitted in one day, if you are having replacement worktops and require us to remove your existing ones, this whole process can also usually be completed within one day


Plumbing & electrics If required we can arrange and coordinate other services such as plumbing and electrical works on your behalf.



The finished job. We like to ensure our customers are happy at the end of the job and ask that after we have fitted your work surface, you take the time to check over our work along with our staff member, to ensure you are completely happy with the end result.




Now all that is left is to sit back and enjoy. I hope we have answered all your questions but if not please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help

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