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Your quartz worktop is a modern material, which requires little day to day care.

How to care for your quartz worktop blog

Clean your quartz surfaces regularly with water containing soap or mild detergent and a soft cloth or sponge. Rinse off surfaces with clean water. Polish dry with a soft cloth.


Tougher stains can be removed by using a product such as Cif original cream in conjunction with a plastic scouring pad.

Avoid the use of abrasive cleaning materials: scouring powders, steel wool, metal brushes, etc.


Never use bleach or other chlorine-based cleaners, acids, alkalis (caustic soda), or concentrated disinfectants on your quartz surfaces. If any products including oven cleaner come into contact with the stone, clean them off immediately, otherwise, surface damage may occur.

How to care for your quartz worktop blog

Always use pan stands and trivets to protect the surface from hot, rough and wet pots, pans and utensils.


Direct contact from iron, steel, ceramic and copper vessels can scratch and stain the surface.


Always use cutting boards to chop and slice food upon. Never cut directly onto the quartz surfaces.

Never stand, sit or put heavy weights on the worktop, especially around sinks and hobs where the material may be weaker.

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