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Acrylic Splashback 


Hob splashbacks are the ideal way to use Mazan, available in a stunning range of colours to make your kitchen uniquely beautiful


 Mazan  is environmentally friendly as it uses much less energy than traditional glass during its production and can also be recycled.

Morello Cherry splash back

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Swimming pool back splash

Mazan is an affordable, yet dazzlingly beautiful collection of acrylic glass panels

for kitchens, utility rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and shower rooms throughout

the home.



It is the 21st century alternative to ceramic tiles and traditional glass.

Your panel can be uniquely tailored to your space.

Both beautiful and tough, Mazan is a highly
durable surface for the ups and downs of
everyday living.

            is designed to convert any area to be completely waterproof be it a shower enclosure, or sink splash back

Mango grove back splash

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