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How to Care for Your Wood Worktop

Now that you have your new wood worktop, it is important that you know how to care for them to ensure they look their best for many years to come.

This page explains how best to look after your Wood worksurface

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Your new wood worktop is a natural material. Prior to fitting the surface will have been finished with 3 coats of oil. The oil is formulated to be safe for the preparation of food and is used to enhance the wood colour and grain pattern; to provide a durable surface over the natural timber structure, whilst being easy to look after and restore when the surface becomes worn

When the top is newly oiled and the surface is in good condition, splashes of water will form into properly defined droplets that stand up clearly. After a period of use, the finish will become worn, and the surface becomes dull. Water will tend to spread out instead of forming droplets and wet the surface. This is a clear sign that the worksurface needs re-oiling.


When new the entire wood surface should be oiled weekly to build up the layers of oil, especially around the sink area, using an oil suitable for food preparation.

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Important notes to remember 


Always mop up spills of water and other liquids straight away. Do not allow liquids to stand for any period of time.

Clean the tops with a sparing amount of warm water, a drop of washing up liquid and a well rung cloth

Do not leave a wet or damp cloth on the worksurface

Never use bleach or other chlorine based cleaners, acids, alkalis (caustic soda) or concentrated disinfectants on wood surfaces. If any of these products come into contact with the wood, clean them off immediately to avoid damaging the worksurface.

Always use pan stands and trivets to protect the wood

Always use cutting boards to chop and slice food. Never cut directly onto the worksurface

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Over time, with normal use, wood worksurfaces will acquire a patina that reflects the use to which they have been put to. It is normal for the original sheen to weather and mellow in this way. Exposure to sunlight will also change the depth of colour.

Once in use, the entire wood surface should be oiled every three months to build up the layers of oil, especially around the sink area, using an oil suitable for food preparation.

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