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Island Life 

The top Design Trend for 2024 continues to be the kitchen island

A kitchen should of course always be designed to take into account how the homeowners live and use the space and also the architecture of the property but the kitchen island has become one of those timeless designs that, instead of becoming outdated, has gained more popularity as time goes by and it is easy to see why.

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Multi-Purpose Functionality 

If you are planning to renovate or upgrade your kitchen, it is time to think beyond the traditional countertop layout. 

A modern-day cooking area is about much more than cooking; it's about creating spaces where people come together and feel comfortable spending time


Kitchen islands provide ultimate flexibility by allowing additional counter space for meal prep, and seating areas for quick eats or drinks with friends.


Here are a few of what we feel are the many benefits of having a kitchen island:​

Extra Workspace

Depending on the shape of your room and how you intend to use it, choose a large island as the main focal point of the room where you can rustle up a feast.


Large islands like this one pictured have extensive worktop space even after integrating a sink and hob giving ample space for food prep, baking, or cooking a large meal

It is especially useful for people who love to cook or entertain, as it enables multiple people to work in the kitchen at once without getting in each other's way.

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Somerville kitchen studio, Jersey, kitchen island blog image of blue island with open end


Kitchen islands are one of the most versatile features of kitchen design

They are a great place for incorporating extra storage, as well as dishwashers, sinks and hobs


However, you might not want all your storage solutions to be hidden away.


Slatted shelves at one end of your island as shown here are both decorative and handy, letting you show off your wares, whether it’s your everyday cookbooks, baskets, ornaments, or potted plants.

As well as providing space for a handy drawer and electic sockets

Seating is another great
reason for a kitchen island 

If you are looking to incorporate seating into your kitchen then the kitchen island is the perfect place. Whether as a simple overhang, a full on upholstered booth or as a separate table shown here.


This design has an integrated circular raised breakfast bar that frees up space from the main part of the island while providing a defined zone for dining.


This particular example shows how the two parts of the island connect using the same material – anthracite oak. The curved cone worktop extension gives the island a unique shape adding a softness to the design at the same time as providing additional work surface.

contemporary-grey-kitchen-with kitchen island and seating area Stoneham kitchen, from Some
Open plan kitchen design, wood finish Stoneham kitchen from Somerville Kitchen studio.jpg


Many kitchens are now open plan and designed properly the kitchen Island can be a  key element to transition the kitchen into an open plan lounge

Functionality is especially important in an open plan room, where the kitchen is often visible from the living and dining areas. Storage cabinets or a built-in wine rack or fridge accessible from the living side of the room is another popular option with an island.

You may also want to consider having your island cabinets and worktop in a complementary or contrasting colour to the rest of your kitchen adding a focal point and wow factor that can act as the bridge between the functionality of the kitchen and the social area in the modern family home

A cleverly designed island ensures your kitchen delivers on practicality as well as the wow factor 

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