artisitic items such as abioverland mugs etc

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Feel-Good Home

How to Create Healthy Habits a

Clean out the fridge and pantry. If you have to dig through a lot of items just to gather the ingredients to make a dish, it’s going to be inconvenient for you to create healthful meals and you may resort to easier, less nutritious options. Don’t let refrigerator clutter be an obstacle. After tossing old and spoiled foods, group the remaining items by category — vegetables, fruits, meats, condiments, breakfast foods — to make them easier to find. If salad is a staple, consider putting all your salad ingredients on a tray or in a small basket so you can pull them all out at once. Similarly, group ingredients for sandwich or juicing — or whatever category you prepare frequently.

Installation of your new kitchen is completed by dedicated professionals who work to the highest standards, with the utmost care and respect for your home.

“Lastly, don’t scrimp on quality and good advice. A kitchen is a big investment so it’s not worth making compromises. A handmade kitchen is obviously much more durable than a mass-produced product and will offer longevity over the years.”

Metallics add a real look of glamour to interiors, and in a kitchen the new Copper sinks and taps are a great way to do this or why not add brass handles and drawer pulls.

Splashbacks are another way uf introducing timeless grandeur, gone are the bright Red and green coloured splashbacks  an antique mirror finish splashbacks adds that bit of extra glamour

plashbacks same as worktop especially marble affect tops

Add A Touch Of Glamour To Your Kitchen

More and more, today's kitchens are becoming the focal point of the home. 

No longer just a functional space it has become more of a social space where the family gathers and where we entertain our friends 

So it is no surprise that today's kitchens are becoming much more luxurious design led spaces and while it is easier to introduce glamour to other parts of our home, that doesn't mean the kitchen should be overlooked.

Lighting is always a great place to start

Traditional spotlights and strip lighting in a kitchen have been the functional choice for years, but they are not exactly glamorous. In a kitchen diner try using Pendant lighting over the dining area to differentiate between the work area and social area

Or add a dimmer switch, so you can have the light bright enough to work, but turn it down lower for convivial meals

The current trend is for darker-toned shades and metallics, perfect for adding warmth and a luxurious look to your kitchen. 

The new copper coloured sinks and taps are a great way to do this 

Creating a feature wall using your favourite wallpaper can instantly transform your kitchen into a glamorous haven. Go for a bold design that sets the tone for the rest of the room. If your kitchen is small, add some wall art or a favourite painting

Cutting  down on wall units, and introducing open shelving makes the room feel more open and spacious, and is also a great way to display those favourite

pieces of crockery, cookery books or plants 

Removing upper wall cabinets has become a growing trend in the last few years since it opens up the visual space making the kitchen appear much larger and brighter.  It allows you to utilize the countertop space more productively.  Not to mention, most people can’t reach what is on the top shelves of the cabinetry anyway.  Although open shelves would be a great alternative if the added storage space is needed or a focal point element was desired.

Rich colours and statement wallpapers have a big part to play in turning a functional kitchen scheme into a glamorous style statement in its own right. Deep jewel shades and metallic hints are a simple yet effective way of conjuring up a luxurious feel 

Changes are also happening in the oven world.  Steam ovens are fast becoming the new “must-have” appliance. They cook food much faster, retain food nutrients and flavor better than conventional ovens. Leaving your meals juicy and delicious just like if you were dining out. 

concerned you dont have enough space for an island?

stoneham kitchens

island life post

Our homes have evolved and the kitchen has become a muc more social space with open plan design and the island has become a key componant tying the living space and working space of the kitchen together


The kitchen island is the centrepiece of any kitchen. Roll out dough; cook up something delicious on the hob; use your instant hot water tap to blanch vegetables, the island is not only versatile but visually stunning. A space where family or friends can gather to socialise, the island is often considered an essential part of any modern kitchen design.

Cabinets at the back of the seating area give additional storage for rarely used items such as mixers and baking accessories. A glazed cabinet next to a wine fridge or cabinet on the back of the island means guests can help themselves to a drink without coming into the kitchen prep side. Bespoke drawers with cutlery dividers make laying the table much more straightforward.

Modern , traditional one island or two

our partners

ie bosh, neff etc 

How about positioning your microwave in the island think outside of the box

Bryan Turner Kitchen Furniture has a wealth of knowledge of kitchen appliances and we work closely with our customers to make recommendations for what we believe will work best for them.

SB joinery

menu box idea

neater at the top 

Depth, Space & Effective Storage

Free standing pieces of furniture can look good in even the smallest of kitchens giving the entire room a different dynamic of depth and space. One free standing double door larder with door back racks can hold more than several fitted wall cabinets and is a more effective way of organizing storage.

Barnes of Ashburton

At Barnes of Ashburton we design and hand-build beautiful bespoke kitchens and freestanding furniture. We have over 35 years of experience and have worked with a vast range of properties from ancient Devon farmhouses to modern seaside developments, from luxury London apartments to quaint cottages in Cornwall.

We pride ourselves on making kitchens that enhance homes. We are equally happy working with the irregularities of an aged period building as we are with the dramatic designs of modern architecture. Our talented and experienced designers will work closely with you to create a design that is suited to your individual requirements and desires. Your Barnes Kitchen is then built from scratch by highly skilled cabinetmakers in our Devon workshop and then installed in your home, wherever it may be.

Beautiful handmade kitchens

We have designed and built in virtually every style imaginable from classic farmhouse kitchens to stylish contemporary kitchens. We pride ourselves on innovative design skills, superb craftsmanship and exceptional attention to detail to ensure that the finished article will look fabulous and last a life time.

Functional space

With the kitchen often seen as the heart of the home, it is vital that the space works for you and your family. Whether you opt for built-in or free-standing pieces, we understand the importance of ample storage, creative use of space and easy movement in the kitchen. More often than not we want to do far more than cook and want space to relax, entertain and work. Our commitment to careful consultation with all our clients helps us to understand and fulfil these requirements.

Kitchen design

Every Barnes Kitchen is different! Our designers approach each project with an entirely open mind and listen to your requirements. Your individual style and the character of your home informs and influences the design process, while our highly skilled craftsmen make all things possible!

How can you commission a Barnes Kitchen?

Firstly we visit your home to meet you so that our designer and project manager can listen to what you are looking for from your new kitchen and carry out a full site survey. We like to hear and understand how your kitchen will be used, what storage space you require, what your budget and timescale is and talk about the overall look or style you want to achieve. Once designs are ready we will invite you our Ashburton showroom to present our initial ideas. This meeting is a great opportunity to discuss any fine tuning that may be required. Once you are happy with the design and budgets have been agreed and worked to it is at this stage where we ask for a 20% deposit to book your workshop time and discuss installation dates.

Kitchen islands are no longer an afterthought or something small to squeeze into the space. They have become focal points and the hub of the kitchen. One of the changes emerging is the single level larger sizing, serving multiple uses; especially since we are seeing less wall cabinet space in kitchen design. The kitchen island is meant to create an impact, and its design must make a statement.

The 2018 larger kitchen islands will become the jack-of-all-trades. They will have storage solution cabinets and be fitted with various under-counter appliances while also providing seating–serving as a casual dining and/or drinking bar. To accommodate the increased size, we are seeing a tendency for the kitchen island to extend into living room spaces in homes with open plan designs. This ensures the kitchen island can be multi-functional without cluttering up space in the kitchen.

fitted by our professional fitting team

be inspired

fb post. We often receive lovely messages from happy customers, so we thought it would be nice to share some of them with you. ADD LINK TO TESTIMONIAL PAGE 

Mike Hughes Fitted Interiors for Kitchens & Bedrooms

7 mins · 

We’d love the opportunity to create that dream kitchen for your home. With so many styles to choose from, plus a wealth of design and installation knowledge in our team and the skills to project manage everything for you. Call in to see for yourself.

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FB POST Pic of mug of coffee on our kitchen display title Morning rituals Poss with Abioverland mug or a coffee machine 


Fashions change only style remains the same coco chanell


Great design is always in fashion


dream alone its only a dream, dream together its reality John Lannon, let us help you make your dreams a reality

Quality is an investment in the future

kitchen blog the process

Linc to blog pages from webpage 

Success doesn't come from what you do occasionally it comes from what you do consistently

You find your limits by pushing them

fb post

It has been a busy year and we have finally had a chance to update our website with a few of our bigger projects


instagram To view a few of our latest projects visit www....

the ghost of Christmas parties past lol

need a pic of hob bars and trivet board for products 

Exciting times ahead for us,


Our new showroom is being fitted out with stunning new kitchen designs


Do videos of inside of kitchens ie pullouts and the same with wardrobes.

AUG  celebrating 13 years in business FB POST PIC OF CAKES  

We love an excuse  for cake (cupcakes from Fleur) 

“Industrial style is very much in vogue and still will be next year,” predicts Rachael Burgess, creative director at Contour Kitchens, based in Cheltenham (


“One of our most popular finishes is concrete, as it offers a cool, grey colour palette along with a textured finish. We’re going to pair this with steel doors in our new collection next year.

Worktops are also starting to continue onto splash backs, especially with darker marble and granite designs.

the thick countertops we’ve come to know and love are out as well.

I like the way the handles are shown on the website of I also like their how we work page but would itemise as part of the page with pop ups

Picture of a x mass tree?

Our team are off celebrating Christmas with their families, but our website is always available for design inspiration or send us an e-mail and we will get back to you when we return on  2nd of January.

Christmas posting ideas

Not long now Good Luck everyone

picture of lotto tickets and heading

a word from our in house designer blog post

In short, home is such a tiny word for the place that is our safe, comfortable and nurturing place, and the fact we can make a home uniquely ‘ours’ makes us, the designers of our homes, pretty important. So, with a little bit of unconventional salvage, designer one-offs or antique searching, we’ll be able to elevate our kitchen space into something with a definite *wow* factor and one which has a unique stamp on it. A kind of signature style that is all our own because, at the end of the day, interior design is about creating uniqueness and individuality in our homes.


The creation of a beautiful kitchen is all about using different yet complementary colours, textures and shapes. Lots of this comes as a given if customers are opting for the Linda Barker Collection and are prepared to look at using two or three colours together in one space. However, some of which, dare I say it, doesn’t always have to come from Wren.



When talking to our kitchen designers, I often find myself discussing the virtues of creating a unique kitchen design for our customers and introducing quirky ‘one off’ elements into a room to set it apart from any other.

Often this can be achieved using accessories from small bespoke shops, or using architectural salvage finds. Salvage is something that I love in my own home, whether it’s a pair of candlesticks, a bar stool or a light fitting.

Now all the excitement of Chritmas is over lets take a look at  what 2019 trend for kitchens and worktops 

The beauty of marble, the practicality of quartz

The new marble range of colours from Silestone are perfect for shower cladding

in the bathroom. As well as vanity tops and bath deck.

Stephen Graver is unlike any other kitchen, bathroom or furniture design company in that, you are involved in the process at every step of the way.


We are not a company  importing from China or Germany and making things "fit" into your space. We are about working with you to not only meet, but far exceed your expectations.


Nothing leaves us unless every party involved is 100% happy!

At Landford Stone, we also hand craft and supply a variety of chopping boards and baking stones, the perfect accompaniment to your new kitchen worktops. Available in both standard and bespoke sizes and colours.

Pastry Boards

Knead, roll and shape to your hearts content with our fabulous hand-crafted granite pastry board. Thanks to its smooth, cool surface, granite makes the perfect pastry board. Find the perfect match from our vast range of colours available. All edges are finished and polished.

Std size: 600mm x 500mm x 20mm |  £150 + VAT | Collection Only

Chopping Boards

Being an incredibly hard wearing material, solid granite chopping boards are both extremely functional and far more hygienic than any wooden chopping board. Our beautifully hand crafted granite chopping boards are available in many different colours and sizes, making the perfect addition to any kitchen.

Std size: 500mm x 400mm x 20mm | £90 + VAT | Collection only

Baking Stones

Solid black granite baking stones are ideal for baking artisan bread as the heat absorbed by granite improves and aids the rise of loaves. Baking stones should be placed into a cold oven and gradually brought up to temperature. Once finished with, baking stones should then be allowed to cool down naturally to prevent any damage occurring to the natural material. All our baking stones have rough sawn edges.

Std size: 300mm x 300mm x 30mm | £40 + VAT | Collection Only

Pizza Stones

The best pizzas are stone baked, and the best pizza stones are made from solid 30mm black granite. The heat absorbed by the stone creates an evenly crisp, perfectly baked pizza. Pizza stones should be placed into a cold oven and brought up to temperature. Once finished with, pizza stones should be allowed to cool down naturally to prevent any damage occurring to the granite. All our pizza stones have rough sawn edges.

Std size: 450mm x 450mm x 30mm (17″ Pizza) | £60 + VAT | Collection Only

Mixing traditional and modern elements within a kitchen design can be a great way to incorporate your personality and individuality. Either with a statement piece such an antique table and chairs in a modern kitchen to add warmth and contrast  or in a more discrete way by displaying traditional dishes on shelves 

When planning your kitchen, consider how you use it, so you don't end up running backwards and forwards between the different parts of your kitchen every time you cook, wash or prep,making your kitchen inefficient. Try increasing functionality by including storage for spices and oils near the cooking zone and storing cutlery and dishes near the dishwasher. “You’ll find many smart solutions on the market, including wide drawers and tailored inserts that facilitate high-functioning storage,” Gordon says.

Removing a wall to make an open plan kitchen has its pros and cons. On one hand, you get a room that is more spacious and encourages socialising On the other, it means potentially losing a wall of upper cabinets and appliances but you can easily counteract this issue by incorporating a back of wall to ceiling units, which increases the rooms storage potential, while at the same time keeping everything pleasingly streamlined.

Lighting is important in every room but non more so than the kitchen especially the open plan kitchen, which not only requires task lighting but also ambient lighting. Which is why we recommend talking through your plans with an electrician whilst still at the design stage of your kitchen.As a professional company we have contact with other trades and

If you do not know one we work with qualified tradesmen and would be happy to recommend one

If you don’t put the right light fixtures over your countertops, you will end up prepping, cooking and cleaning up in the shadows, says home stager Naomi Findlay.

“Another common lighting mistake is prioritizing aesthetics over functionality. Pretty pendants are beautiful, but if they don’t shine enough light over your work surfaces, they will not be practical,” she says.

Solution: Findlay recommends positioning lighting slightly in front of you rather than directly overhead or behind you. Installing downlights, pendant lights and sconces on separate circuits makes it easier to control your lighting levels and atmosphere, she says. And don’t forget to choose bulbs that emit sufficient light, so you can see what you’re doing when you’re chopping and cooking.


Breakfast bars are always popular in a kitchen design, and there’s plenty of different seating options to choose from.  We love the use of leather and metal bar stools in this project by Cosentino Elite Premium kitchen studio, Elmore Kitchens.  Classic and masculine, they provide texture that adds to the industrial feel of the space.  They also complement the traditional sash windows and antique glass splashback.  Handleless cabinets and a chrome tap ensure the kitchen still feels modern, making this a true mix of old and new.

Exposed Brickwork

Take inspiration from this kitchen design by one of Cosentino’s Elite Premium studios, Belvoir Interiors.  This urban space celebrates the original brickwork, whilst a colourful range cooker adds a traditional feel.  This is contrasted against the ultra modern cabinetry and industrial Dekton Trilium worktop.  This mix of old materials with revolutionary high tech surfaces creates a sense of balance and adds plenty of character.

We pride ourselves that the majority of our work is through repeat business from customers that our satisfied with our quality products and service.

Blog idea why have a home office/benefits of a home office


Go Dark

This wow factor space was designed by Irish furniture maker Rhatigan & Hick.  Whilst the Shaker style cabinets are traditional in their design, their deep navy colour gives a modern twist.  Large crittall windows ensure the space gets plenty of light, which is enhanced by brilliant white worktops and a white subway tiled splashback.  The marble inspired Silestone Calacatta Gold surface chosen for the worktops feels modern and luxe in this space, showcasing the versatility of this popular design.  Statement brass pendant lighting over the island adds a further contemporary pop, and the overall result is a classically cool kitchen design.

Experiment with Colour

Colour and lighting can be key when balancing old and new in a kitchen design.  This Shaker kitchen by deVOL Kitchens is painted a unique olive green colour, which lends a heritage feel.  Other traditional elements include a Belfast sink and eye catching brass taps with matching furniture handles.  However, these classic designs have been contrasted with subtle contemporary styling.  The trio of exposed bulb pendant lights, polished concrete floor and crittall style windows and doors add an industrial twist.  A Silestone Lagoon quartz worktop keeps the overall feeling of the kitchen fresh and bright.





our aim as a company?

with our dedicated team of skilled craftsmen

we can help you bring your ideas to life



Primer £30 per sq/m

Satin matt £45 per sq/m

Gun gloss £55 per sq/m

High Gloss £110.00 per sq/m

Clear Lacquer £30 per sq/m (stain an additional £12 per sq/m)


Assembled units; heavy or large products charged at 30% extra


We assume that surfaces will be well prepared and ready for painting. If the project requires preparation, it will be charged at £45 per hour

All prices exclude GST


Once sprayed, finished items will be wrapped in plastic wrapping for protection

Waterfall Worktops

With kitchen design evolving at a rapid pace, many are spending more time than ever considering their worktop. Waterfall worktops are a design feature that many now covet, opting for this style due to its easy to achieve, seamless finish and elegant look.

Waterfall Islands

Waterfall worktops are often chosen to cover an island.  A ‘waterfall island’ refers to a kitchen island with a worktop edge that flows over the side of the surface, covering the sides and continuing down to the floor. An instant design statement in the kitchen, waterfall worktops can be fabricated in various thicknesses.  A thinner worktop suits more modern, Shaker style kitchens whilst a thicker surface would go well in minimalist, Scandinavian themes.

Texture in the Kitchen

My Perfect Surface

October 30, 2018

Texture in the Kitchen

Texture in the kitchen is becoming increasingly important as a move away from stark minimalism in the home and incorporating texture is one way to create a layered look that mixes the traditional with the modern. It is also a great way to add a touch of personality to your space. Consider using contrasting textures, such as a polished work surface with a natural wood breakfast bar or bar stools.

How to Achieve an Industrial Interiors Look

My Perfect Surface

October 12, 2018

The industrial interiors trend is growing in popularity. Taking inspiration from raw, earthy materials such as concrete, exposed brick work and ageing metals, it transforms an ordinary space into an architectural statement.

Colour and Materials 

If you are looking to include industrial touches into your home, experimenting with colour and texture is a great way to start.  Muted tones and natural materials such as coppers and worn steel will serve well as the foundation of your design.  In keeping with the industrial interiors trend, these materials will add character, ensuring your space is contemporary but never austere.

Fixtures and Fittings

When it comes to furniture, salvaged items are an easy way of adding a touch of charm, like wood tables and shabby chic style chairs or bar stools. In the below kitchen by Burlanes Interiors we can see reclaimed wood and brick has been contrasted with metal and glass for a relaxed, urban vibe.

Colour and Texture

The colour and texture of your surface can be chosen to either contrast or match other elements of your kitchen. Waterfall edges are great for showing off statement worktops, such as marble inspired designs from the Silestone Eternal range. Opting for the same hue but different textures is also growing in popularity. This is great for zoning, helping separate food preparation and dining areas on an island for example.

Concrete appeal

Embrace ‘wabi sabi’, the Japanese concept of appreciating the beauty in imperfections.  A concrete look surface is a great way to do this, and the new concrete designs of now are soft and subtle.  Elegant Silestone Silver Lake from the new Loft Series has a unique look, taking inspiration from aged concrete.  Boasting a new ‘Raw’ finish, it has the feel of suede like polished plaster.  Concrete surfaces look great when combined with wooden elements such as these bar stools for a casual, Scandi look.

nd Laos are a fresh take on the appearance of cement.  These elegant colours are great for those who wish to embrace a soft industrial look within their home. Laos is the deepest of the colours, dark in tone with a weathered appearance, whilst Kreta and Soke are calming hues perfect for minimalist or Scandi environments.  Lunar offers a more contemporary feel with a white base and delicate veining.  Dekton is ideal for use in kitchens thanks to its high resistance to stains, scratches and heat, allowing for hot pans and kitchen utensils to be placed directly onto it without the risk of damage.

“The long-term, industrial trend will continue to be important in seasons to come,

but will evolve towards a more urban and yet increasingly poetic and light-hearted direction.

Here are the 2019 kitchen trends in terms of materials:

  • Terrazzo surfaces.

  • High contrasting marble.

  • Subway tiles (a classic!)

  • Highly patterned tiles (Spanish & Moroccan)

  • Copper & gold accents.

  • Concrete.

Mix your materials

Another way to add a layer of texture in the kitchen is to choose a different material for your breakfast bar. Visually, this is a great way to zone separate food preparation and dining areas.  In this kitchen by Audus Kitchens, it also breaks up the polished Silestone Aluminio Nube quartz worktops.  Here, the breakfast bar is a design statement, subtly tying in with the wooden flooring.

kitchen trends

In recent years, as walls have come down and homes opened up, the kitchen has become as much of a social hub as it is a cooking workshop or a dining theatre. People chop food on their countertop but also do their homework, drink cocktails with friends, work on craft projects, or play video games.

The Kitchen, Today

From lifestyle and cultural trends through surface treatments and finishes, four stories take you on a journey to a better knowledge of current aesthetics. The brand explores kitchen & tech innovations, but also the way kitchens have become the central hub of the home whilst looking at the trends that will shape the design scene in 2018.

Caesarstone: Kitchen Trends is complete with a colour and material palette in the shape of a stand-alone tangram, this book offers key insights to create tomorrow’s collections.

Step 1 is the fun bit list all the things you would have in your dream kitchen, maybe it's the ever popular kitchen island, a pantry or a wine cooler. 

think about the type of sink you want, worktops, hot water tap

Step 2, choose a style, the modern take on the traditional shaker style is a classic look that never dates, choose from a factory paint finish or hand painted

mixture of colours

modern inear handle less

psrt of the look is deciding on the type of sink, belfast or undermonted , lighting

Step ?

It is important to think about the appliances you are wanting, so they can be incorperated into your desin, have you set your heart on you an americanstyle fridge or would you prefer the appliances hidden away. Ovens are you happy to bend downto take things out of the oven or would you prefer them at eye level . or are you wanting a freestanding range cooker, with a feature chimney/mantel above . These elements will all have an impact on the design of your kitchen and they are the sort of questions your designer will ask you

with kicthens now becoming more of a mulit purpose social space the need for efficient extraction is more important than ever with lots of design options to choose from pendants, pop upextrators incorperated into the hob, 

your designer will be able to produce rendered cad drawings for your new kitchen giving an acurate idea of what your finished kitchen will look like 

Lighting is an important aspect to consider

Step 2

Layout before you get too caught up on the clolour and style of your new kitchen, take time to think about the layout and how your family use the space, do you nned somewhere for the kids to do their homework, do you and your partner need space to be able to cook together. Can a wall be knocked down to make more space ? or if the room is open plan you might want to consider a utility room

thonk about any key areas is the a bottle neck around the fridge for example

Step 4,  Set a budget

As a general rule of thumb, you should spend a minimum of 5% and a maximum of 15% based on the current value of your home. For example, if your house is worth £250,000, you should spend between £12,500 to £37,500 in order to see a return on your investment if you decide to sell the property. However, if you’re planning on staying in your home for a long period, then spend as much as you can afford to make sure it’s a kitchen that will stand the test of time. Once you have your wish list and you have set a budget it is time for step 3

step 3 Now you know the look you are wanting to achieve it is time to choose the worktop

Step 4 Find a designer

This is an important next step, you have thought about what you would love to have , you have an idea of the style you are after this is the person who will discuss your wish list, the look you are after, your budget and how you use your kitchen and be able to not only design something that is aesthetically pleasing but also a design that works for you and your family.

Usually, the designer will offer a first draft with a drawing to help you envison thow it will look in your home and then discuss what you like or dont like, would like to change 

Most good designers will be able to work within your budget and while that may mean you don't get to have everything on your wish list, they will help you decide which items are the must-haves and which you would like to have but are not important enough to sacrifice something else for

There are ways of tweaking the design slightly, there maybe a detail that is not cruicial to your design that could be done differently without compromising the design,

It is also a good time to look at how other components such as flooring or wall tiles will fit in with your scheme

Usually, the designer will arrange the fitting, this is recommended as fitting is really important but they are usually willing to supply only 

Most designers will offer what is known as a dry fit, so any plumbing and electrics will be carried out by  trained professionals This can be arranged for you (not a dry fit)

step 5 the process

So all the desisions have been made and your kitchen is on order, you may thing all the hard work has been done but now it is time to go through all your old posessions broken items etc

The process of fitting the kitchen depending on the size can take up to a week, so if you are livng in the house at this time it is a good idea if possible a to set up a kicthen in a seperate part of the house with a mircowave toaster kettle etc away from the dust fridge freezer

removing the old kitchen, laying new floor, moving pluming electircs etc


We offer a complete service from design to final finish, providing custom furniture for your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, dressing room, library and home office. Our experienced and skilled design and installation team will guide you through the design process to ensure that your every requirement is fulfilled and that your furniture is perfectly fitted to your home.

To achieve the kind of customer satisfaction that Sola Kitchens has attained means taking infinite care of the smallest details of your needs. The process has several stages:


Your kitchen journey starts with a free Initial Design Consultation. The consultation takes around 2 hours where you and your Sola Kitchens designer will discuss your kitchen layout in detail, including the choice of storage, worktops, appliances and the budget for the project. At the end of the meeting, your designer will arrange another free appointment, the Kitchen Design Presentation.

At the Kitchen Design Presentation, your designer will present the initial design proposal, illustrated with detailed plans, elevations and computer generated graphic designs (CAD) illustrations to enable you to visualise your new kitchen. You will also be given a detailed quotation for the kitchen.


When you have commissioned the kitchen, your designer will continue working with you to finalise all the details of the kitchen design, including choosing work surfaces, handles and all the details of your kitchen layout.  At this stage you can also take all the plans and drawings with you, and we will provide detailed service plans if required.

When you are completely satisfied with the design, your kitchen will be carefully handmade by skilled Scandinavian craftsmen. Our modern furniture is handmade in Denmark and our classic furniture is handmade in Sweden.  The cabinetry takes approximately 8-10 weeks to carefully build and deliver to your house.


Once the kitchen has been commissioned, a detailed site survey will be carried out before the kitchen order is finalised. If you have other building teams involved, for example if you are doing a kitchen extension, we will provide detailed service plans for the location of gas, electricity, plumbing etc to ensure that everything is in the right place when we come to fit the kitchen.  We have our own installation manager and installation teams to ensure that your installation goes as smooth as possible.


The installation of your kitchen will take 2-5 weeks depending on the size of the kitchen, the choice of worktops and splashbacks and whether the kitchen is hand painted. Sola Kitchens’ own installers will expertly install your kitchen and our installation manager will oversee the installation process to make sure that everything goes smoothly. We ensure that all our kitchens are installed to a perfect finish and we do not sign off a kitchen until the very last handle has been fitted and you are 100% happy.






Open shelving continues to be on trend in kitchens in 2019 a look that with fewer wall cupboards makes the kitchen feel more open, whilst at the same time offering a potential saving by reducing the number of wall units required


The type of shelving can also be designed to suit your kitchen, from Oak shelving for a country look or painted to match your kitchen, to metal or more geometrically shaped shelving for a modern or industrial look. Shelving also works well fitted around a corner, making the most of a potentially wasted space.

To make the best use of the extra space open shelving gives, it is important to have a mix of practical as well as decorative pieces, however, there are some things that may be worth considering when deciding on what to display on your shelves. For example, glass storage jars filled with dried pulses or pasta are both practical and aesthetically pleasing or cookery books, however, you would want to avoid having items such as cereal packets or jars of tomato sauce out on show. 


Dishes also work well, place them where they are easy to reach and even better if your kitchen design allows fit your dishwasher directly underneath for ease of unloading.

another great tip would be to include an extra high shelf for the items you don't use as often or for more decorative items such as a decorative jug or bottles. 

Plants especially herbs are becoming more and more popular in the kitchen, why not decorate your shelves with a couple of your favourite herbs

When arranging items on your shelves make sure that the objects vary in height for a larger visual impact. Whether you choose to display a large jug, or a sleek, contemporary vase, add something that draws your eye upward, with smaller items in the front.

and adding an eclectic twist

Pantries are not only practical storage solutions, they also add style to your kitchen. 

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