natrual foliage, holly and mistletoe 

and of course not forgetting that batch of Christmas cookies

ginger bread house

candle sticks

a scattering of hristmass themed ladles buiscuit tins etc 

You can never go wrong with a garland to ensure your kitchen looks wonderful and cosy this Christmas.
Our mantle is the perfect place to proudly display your decorations without taking too much space.
Share your Christmas décor

Don't Forget Your Kitchen When Decorating Your Home For Christmas. The kitchen is not always the most obvious place to decorate but all you need are a few simple items. Festive dishes or mugs displayed on a shelf is an easy way to add festive cheer, or how about collecting some pine cones, cinnamon sticks, acorns, dried orange etc and displaying them in a bowl for a more traditional display. One hot tip, to avoid making your kitchen look cluttered remove the items you display in the kitchen the rest of the year before adding any Festive items

How to Bring Christmas to Your Kitchen in a Practical Way

Adorning the house with Christmas decorations is a long honoured tradition that kicks off the festive season beautifully. However, despite the fact that most of the Christmas period is spent in our kitchens many of us don’t decorate this room. Obviously kitchen Christmas decorations have to be practical and hygienic above all else, but this is easy to achieve if well planned and there are many ways to incorporate the festive season into the kitchen. If you’re stuck for inspiration then here are some tips from the Davonport design team.

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